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Converting websites is our job at PSD Center and we love it.  People come to us from all directions asking if we can convert their design to this platform or that platform.  We can handle all platforms but if they are not on our order form you will have to email us and we will have to give you a custom quote.

When it comes to Shopify, OpenCart, and BigCommerce we are truly the experts.  We turn around project so fast and such good quality it will knock your socks off!

We just had a recent request.  Can you take a current Shopify theme that we like and convert it into the BigCommerce platform. Yes of course we can.  It is our culture here at PSD Center to make sure anything goes without charging you an arm or a leg!  You have to supply us with the theme that you have bought.

****You have to have full rights to the website theme files.  This means you have to have all rights to files, images, ect.  If you do not know if you do.  Please ask who you have bought the design or theme from and if you have full rights which might be a freelance designer, marketing company, or store if you can convert the design over to BigCommerce. ****

Important notes while converting your Shopify Theme to BigCommerce Theme

BigCommerce & Shopify have different features – So certain things on your Shopify theme might not be possible.  If you send us your theme we will send you a nice proposal and talk about what is possible and what might be an issue.

How Should I determine what Platform I should use?

Honestly the only way you can tell what platform is right for you is by signing up for the free trial and see what feature you like.  Everyone’s business needs are completely different so this is completely up to you.

Do not forget you can always check out the plugins for both online stores.

Check out BigCommerce Services you can integrate into your store

Check out Shopify Apps Store

If you guys need any help please feel free to reach out to us at PSDCenter we will really rock  your project!

anisha bhandari