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Websites are the future of the retail market, and millions of products are sold online these days. Website navigation, product searchability, and product filtering plays a very crucial role in converting webstore visitors into buyers and potentially retaining the customers. Who would not like an easy to use website wherein they can find the exact product they’re looking.

In the earlier e-commerce sites, there were considerably less number of commodities on a single store. But as technology grows it gets more complicated, and so does the e-commerce. Nowadays, e-commerce stores are selling almost everything from a toothpick to vehicles. With this rapid increase in the number of products available on the web store, it’s getting more difficult for customer to discover the exact product they want.

Does this affect the sales? Of course Yes. If the customer is not able to find a product they are looking for, you will not only lose the sale of that particular product but also lose a potentially returning customer. Modern e-commerce solutions are working surprisingly hard to overcome this obstacle and have introduced various solutions for the same like BigCommerce Faceted Search and Nextopia Search which provides super easy navigation and product discovery on the website.

What is BigCommerce Faceted Search?

Bigcommerce Faceted Search is an advanced product filtering and discovery feature provided by BigCommerce, the leading e-commerce solution provider. It has an adroit implementation of faceted search technique which involves combining and organizing different attributes of products to provide with the best result in the user’s interest. BigCommerce claims 10% increase in the conversion rate after implementing BigCommerce Faceted Search.

Product filtering is considered as an easy task, but if not done correctly it can lead to omitting out the results which the user might be looking for. BigCommerce Faceted Search let users filter products by Category, Brand, Price, Product Options and even custom fields which the Webstore owner can customize. Product Sorting acts as a helping hand while the products are being filtered, products can be sorted in ascending or descending order in respect to their price, product SKU, in stock and much more.

What is Nextopia Search?

Nextopia Search is a 3rd party plugin for advanced product discovery and filtering solution which is made by Nextopia Software Corporation. This plugin is available for various platform which provides all the features like BigCommerce Faceted Search as well as some really useful advanced product discovery features using their own modified search mechanism to provide the best product filtering and sorting. Using this solution websites become more efficient and can provide much better results.

BigCommerce Faceted Search mainly concentrates on the field of product sorting and filtering whereas Nextopia Search goes further than that, it includes an intelligent product discovery algorithm which works on the basis of user input, keywords and other product related attributes which can be customized by web store owners. As a result, Nextopia Search can be more beneficial for the web store owner in making the product discovery better.

Nextopia Search not only make the webstore easy to navigate, but it also makes the product discovery a piece of cake. Users can find their desired products by merely filtering and sorting the product list and decide. Using this 3rd party plugin users from various e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce can make their store amazingly efficient and increase the conversion rate.

Which one should you Integrate?

Both BigCommerce Faceted Search and Nextopia Search are designed to make your webstore easy to navigate and provide accurate product discovery. Product sorting and filtering contribute to the cause for which they are made. Keyword filtering and search by settings are other underlying features these two come with. Product discovery is directly proportional to the product sale, increase the product discovery, get more sales. So, which one should you choose? Both comes with quite enough features, but Nextopia is little ahead with the additional functionality and customizability. But at the end, your requirements are the real decision maker, and pricing will play the leading role in deciding which one you should integrate.


anisha bhandari