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You have heard the news.  Prostores is no longer going to be available to their clients starting Feb 1st 2015. – Check the details here.

We can make it super easy for you to transfer your store to Bigcommerce the recommended platform for all transitions from Prostores & Magento Go stores by Ebay themselves.

We have several options that we can offer at PSDCenter to fit your needs and budget.

Option 1 – Select a Free Template

There is little cost here.  Maybe you want to change a couple of styles or minor tweaks. Sure reach out to us.  We charge $40 per hour unless you sign up through our Partner link.  You will get 3 Hours of work free!

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Option 2 – Select one of our Premium Templates and we will customize it!

Cost: $180-$700

We have built over 5 responsive themes being sold in the Bigcommerce theme store right now.  We can customize it and make unique for you.

Sign Up Below with a paid account and we will give you a free mock-up of what your store can look like.

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Option 3 – Replicate Your Current Design On Bigcommerce

Cost: $700 – $3,000

Our team can replicate the exact design on your Prostore and move it to Bigcommerce.  Our team will audit your current design and give you an estimate on the cost. The price range is wide because we do not know what customizations we will have to include in your new store.

Option two, we might come up with a nice responsive design you like that will look awesome on mobile devices!

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Option 4 – Brand New Custom Design from PSDCenter

Cost: $3,000 – $6,000

It might be time for a complete overhaul.  Our team can deliver top of the line designs that will be 100% unique.  Your website will be responsive look great on all mobile devices.

Sign Up For Bigcommerce – 15 Day Free Trial

Contact Us Today

We can help you move your Prostore today.  You can work with our specialists directly to find out what the best option for you is.  No pushy sales rep just a team that wants to make sure you have the best online presence on the web.

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