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BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce solution provider in the SaaS industry which is capable of handling businesses from a small scale to an enterprise. Whatever the industry is about, but appearance matters the most and so does in e-commerce.

The most important aspect of any web store is its User Interface. This is the layer which resides between the customers and the business. Hence making the visual aspect of a web store quite important, which in result makes the theme of a web store quite an important asset.

E-Commerce solution providers are always improving their visual appearances and performance. In the same context, BigCommerce took a remarkable step by bringing Stencil framework to the e-commerce market. The stencil is a modern day feature enabled and future ready BigCommerce Theme Framework.

BigCommerce Stencil Framework works under some of the most revolutionized aspects which make it stand out from the crowd:

  • Flexibility: Stencil is highly flexible for the developers as it uses Handlebar Theming Language which allows the data manipulation to a level which was never possible before. This gives the developer flexibility and freedom to make changes wherever necessary.
  • Efficiency: The new framework comes with YAML formatting which makes is highly efficient than its competitor. The new framework with no doubts is more efficient than the old framework which was being used by BigCommerce earlier.
  • Rich Front End: Several useful development options are available at the front end which is specialized to be driven by JavaScript event hooks.
  • Local Development: Earlier making changes to the template of an active store wasn’t really possible as it might affect the functionality. The new Stencil Framework has the rapid local development feature which allows template modification of a store which is live without affecting its functionality and redesigning can be done with minimal coding.
  • Browser sync: Most revolutionized feature ever added to any template development kit. Browser sync enables real-time preview and testing across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices/viewports.

As this Stencil Framework is new in the market availability of Stencil Framework based themes is not in abundance in the BigCommerce’s own theme store, PSDCenter is one of the most reliable BigCommerce partners which is working on the development and implementation of the BigCommerce stencil themes on new as well as already established web stores.

The Stencil has done an impressive job in combining modern standards to speed up a web page. Even if you’re using the default sample images of Stencil’s master theme, i.e.Cornerstone, the website can get a Google Page Speed score of 89 on the desktop. This is definitely above the excellent marking of 85 by Google.

The BigCommerce Stencil framework supports multiple variations of a single theme. Each variation can be optimized for a specific purpose or for specific audiences. This feature comes useful for discriminating stores for specific products/segment and it helps to change the look of the store for some specific days like celebrating special festivals.

Remember the hassle of showing some specific portion from the whole catalog? It was achieved by making the unwanted portion invisible which always made the web pages slow. But with Stencil, you can show a portion of the catalog grid without slowing down the page. The new Stencil library is built to work with the data in a format that is easier to organize and maneuver around, making your development team and your website run more efficiently.

The BigCommerce Stencil is designed to minimize time spent on development by reducing the need to code in several portions of the framework but to do fine tuning and deeper integration help from a Bigcommerce Stencil Expert is advisable. For the optimum implementation of the BigCommerce Stencil Framework, contact  PSDCenter which is a leading company in providing expert support and development.

anisha bhandari