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Migrating your store is not always easy. Especially when it comes from different platforms with different attribute labels for each product. We want to tell you a bit about a process of how at PSDCenter will manage your BigCartel to Bigcommerce transition without losing any of your SEO value which is very important!

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Firstly, why am I migrating to Bigcommerce?

  • They are a robust platform with a multitude of applications which you can enhance your store to become successful.
  • Your ability to customize your store on Bigcommerce compared to BigCartel
  • The 24/7 support and amount of experts on the platform make it easy for you a business owner to find help when you need it/

Migrating your store to Bigcommerce comes in a few very important steps that you want an experienced team to handle.

Migration Process:

  1. If you want to keep the same design: Auditing your current website to understand what features can be transferred over and what solutions you will need to come up with an alternative solution.
  2. If you want a new design: Choose from a variety of custom templates and you can modify to make your own. We currently have 6 templates our on the market and can help you customize it to make it look similar to your Bigcartel store, or create a brand new vision.
  3. Product Migration: On your temp URL that we will build for you, we will help migrate all your products.
  4. SEO URL Structure: Our team will match as many URLs as possible within the Bigcommerce platform. All other url’s that we cannot match we will place 301 redirects so you will get all the SEO value and not lose any of your rankings.
  5. Bigcommerce Settings: Now it is time to choose your payment processing system and any apps that you are currently using in the system. We will need a complete list of applications before we even start the project.

Once this is all finalized, we will help transfer your domain you are using on BigCartel. You will be live and ready to go!



Now it is time to go live and start making some money with your new store on Bigcommerce!

Check out our reviews on Bigcommerce and hope to work with you soon!

anisha bhandari