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Perhaps you are looking for fun ways to drive traffic to your website?

Then it may be time to look beyond:

  • Facebook
  • Linking
  • Trending Keywords
  • And, the always elusive newsletter!

Find new and exciting ways to maintain traffic can be a challenge in today’s world of ever evolving content, linking and social media. What about giving away a prize? Motivating people to click a link, tweet a message or give a social media like? Maybe you like the thrill of competition? Then Incentivibe may be just the thing for you.

As a website owner, finding ways to keep consumers engaged can be tricky. Links in blogs leading consumers to discounts can be attractive, or using Facebook likes to give discounts can also drive traffic. But so much more can be done. How about giving away a prize? How much fun would that be? A lot! And the thrill people get when they click on your blog or link and see that just by following you they have the chance to win a prize and discover how awesome your commerce store is.

Incentivibe is great because we allow you the chance to work with other like-minded companies with one purpose, to provide an entertaining way to bring traffic to your commerce site. Competitions are random are so are chances of winning a prize which means your customers will have to consistently visit your site to gather winning results which means more shop traffic and purchases for you.

They also help with the following:

  • Handling legal and administrative workloads
  • NO selling of data
  • The chance to win a prize
  • Traffic to your store or site

Everyone desires traffic when hoping to build his or her ecommerce site into something big and profitable. But what kind of results can you gain by using Incentivibe? A lot of leads! Consumers see their chance to win, see your products and decide to sign up for your emails, and visit your store! Even better! At Incentivibe they do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You just need to decide what kind of competition you want to promote on your website, communicate with them and they will make sure things run smoothly for everyone! And the best part about them? They work with a lot of major platforms, especially Bigcommerce !

Three are listed below:

  • Bigcommerce
  • WordPress
  • Shopify

Those are just a few of the platforms that they work with. Want to work with them? Give us a shout, communicate with us and we may be able to help you get this on your platform to bring traffic to your site. But, how do they work and why does it make them great? You can run the competition on your own, without other businesses being involved and the best part? You can start your prize giveaway and campaign when you want! Pay Incentivibe a portion for the competition, set up the drawing and away we go! Want to integrate with your platform? Talk to us and we can work with you to find a solution. We also provide an opportunity to co-sponsor the competitions hosted on your website. Giving your brand even more coverage!

Incentivibe is great because we take the time to reach out to the prizewinners themselves. They help you with a lot of the small tasks affording you the opportunity to focus on content and relevancy. They also run on the concept that you can enroll when you want and leave when you want. Sometimes, things in life change. And so does the desire to promote heavy traffic to your business. Do what is best for you and know they are always there to listen to your ideas, suggestions and comments. Don’t leave yourself out of such a great concept and give them a chance to help you boost online traffic and sales today! Take advantage of Incentivibe now!

Check Out Incentivibe Here!

anisha bhandari