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“Think about it for a moment: SEO is a set of activities that assist in getting a website ranked on search engines, so that a site shows up naturally rather than as a result of paying for optimal position. There are loads of aspects that play into SEO, from page content to how your site is structured. The most puzzling aspect to me about this “SEO is dead” mumbo-jumbo is this: at heart, SEO is about providing a stellar user experience, and that’s never going out of style. When a user clicks on your link, are they going to get the quality content they expected? All the changes that Google and other search companies have been making are aimed at ensuring that they will.

So long as there are search engines around, people will attempt to figure out the best ways to rank on them. “ – KateyFerenzi

Ferenzi’s words are not news. Practitioners already have had this fear instilled within them for the past few years. Most of the CMSes going pro and mainstream have already hi the revenue margin that they were aiming for. And yet, the targets you set out with on a bigcommerce platform can vary and can also make you successful because of most of the bigcommerce solutions are meant for E-stores.

So what kind of strategies do you come up with for having a better marketing plan on BigCommerce sites, especially when you use a conversion parameter on them: because you reach out to an audience of a diverse selection and tastes. Your product line may not be all uniform and your price ranges may not cater to just one kind of buyer (both categorically and financially) so how do you factor that in when trying to market your site digitally.

Headings, headings and more headings

You probably have a huge product repertoire to cater to, so in that you make sure that your products all come under the banner and heading that you set out for them. And this is not so much about tricking customers but more so about having optimized headings. Imagine there’s a great product that people are looking for but you list them incorrectly in another heading. What happens? Your page does not rank properly.

Product Reviews count

Anything and everything you put on your catalogue goes under the public eye. The internet is not going to be magically aware of what you are selling though. So, a random product comes up and the customer wonders if it is good or not. Now instead of the customer clicking on another site for answers, your own e-store should provide a few more reviews about the product. What does it do?

1. Builds the customer’s confidence on your brand name

2. The customer stays longer on your page.

Obviously from an SEO perspective you want both of these things to happen so you ensure that your bigcommerce strategy entails all of this.


Placing videos on your product pages just amplifies the rating Google places on to it. So obviously we can safely infer that Google is in fact tracking content and their types very carefully. Video type content is probably the highest because it engages actively with the customer and can help or persuade the visitor the most out of all. Therefore even your visitor who watches a video of X product of yours is going to be more likely to buy it than after having a mere tagline. Visual does beat text when it comes to sales.

No more keyword cramming

I should not be writing this, I really should not be. But as it is despite the reminders and articles people still seem to think that simply stuffing keywords in an article or at the bottom of a page does good. It simply does not. Keywords are good for analysis but you are not to stuff them in any post. Google does not fall for it and the visitor who sees your site simply does not like it. Even though, I disagree with people placing ranking so high up in their priorities, keyword stuffing ends up being disastrous even for that and just counts as being included in spam. That’s the last thing you want to do.

So what are we learning? Well e-marketing is evolving but things in their basic are still rooted in common sense so even SEO folks are not obliged to go overboard. All that is required is a bit of background study, a quality campaign in a niche you specialize in and then focused blogging, posting and reviewing in that circle to bring your score of customers to an impressive count. Simplify, strategize, sell, repeat.

anisha bhandari